What does Brazier mean?

Brazier meaning in General Dictionary

Same as Brasier

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  • large material container by which coal or charcoal is burned; warms individuals who must remain outside for long times
  • An artificer which works in metal.
  • A pan for holding burning coals.
  • identical to Brasier.

Brazier meaning in Urban Dictionary

an often friendly and funny creature. Frequently appear in tiny sizes. They make great best friends but sometimes have quick tempers- but its frequently as a result of the fault of a "lesser" individual. They are extremely unusual and usually recognized for their good form, captivating eyes, and uniquely entertaining and frequently strange personalities.If someone happens to generally meet one, consider yourself fortunate.

Brazier meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"metal container to keep burning up coals," 1680s, from French brasier "pan of hot coals," from Old French brasier, from brese "embers" (see braise).

Brazier meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) An artificer whom works in brass.

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  • (letter.) A pan for keeping burning coals.
  • (n.) identical to Brasier.

Sentence Examples with the word Brazier

One type took the form of a candelabrum with a small flat brazier on the top. They were carried in processions and were lifted by cords.

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