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A disgrace towards word "school", the WORST school I ever gone to, a prison for young ones with "special-needs", and a living HELL. 1.The educators, principals, etc. abuse the ability they usually have on the young ones.2. The cooks were changed to kids, who possess no real training in the Culinary Arts, (the true cooks did that to poison our food, made many of us ill, and made the kid cooks look stupid).3. teachers threatened to give united states passes or place us in Crisis area, cuz of the lies and so-called "proof".4. that they had cops walking around there to make it "more safe".5. liars to us, our moms and dads, superintendents, etc.6. committed crimes contrary to the pupils, and said they truly are only doing "work".7. numerous children decided to go to juvie, or had to do Community provider for stupid-ass shit they didn't do. (But Braun has actually "proof" they did it).8. a school which should be shutdown cuz it's so incredibly bad.