What does Bratified mean?

Bratified meaning in Urban Dictionary

A condition that happens to young children as soon as famly and visitors begin to show up the xmas breaks. Impacted kids appear to instantly vary from doe-eyed angels to fanged fire-breathing monsters running around screaming and terrorizing adults several times their dimensions. Grownups usually make the wrong steps to cure this condition, supplying consolation, or saying "please peaceful down darling" etc. The easiest way to rapidly cure the kid is reduce the child's jeans, exposing the bare flesh associated with bottom, then using a sizable wooden spoon, administer a few sharp blows towards uncovered location. A-sharp "crack" accompanied by a scream and a promise of "i will be good, i'm going to be good" indicates the child is healed. Be warned, occasionally an extra or 3rd application are expected to jog the childs memory of his/her vow to-be "good"