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young men in senior high school which smell like dirt and do bad in almost every class...even gym. They're going upstate getting high and now have wrong english. They wear work shoes purposely covered in dirt and drive get vehicles. Many will not pull their stupid fitted caps so they have them inside their hoods. Each one is obnoxious and have a tendency to "brap" for the halls. They might all fail in life, but the majority tend to be created into wealthy families.u000du000au000du000aBrappers tend to be folks, typically which range from age 15 to mid 40's that drive snowmobiles like its the one thing happening on earth. They don't have plenty of buddies, only people who in addition share the brapping hobbie. They travel in large packs of perhaps 16. They tend to-drive across ice on lakes. Most of us wish which they pass away a slow painful death, after dropping through. I hate nothing more then your noise of these fucking devices going by the house on a saturday morning, awaking me.