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one of the more complete and extensive documentaries of your each day lax broIn the text of Branford :"I like to Lax, and I always party, we gotta large amount of spoons, my favorite i telephone call Fluffy. Scored two objectives used 1 day in High school, most readily useful targets I've ever scored. I love to chill with my friends and lax when you look at the garden. While Deciding my college procedure I happened to be like D1, D3? and before long I became like Hey, I gotta go D1, although It's during the club amount. Lastly, I have lot's of girls, however because I lax, i are already extremely rich."My Style :-Lax Pinnie (whenever I'm maybe not hookin' up with chicks)-Nice Shorts-Croakies-Turf Dogs-Mid Calf Socks- And a sweet couple of tones.