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Brandt is of German origin, typically takes some time to look at true personality of a Brandt but is constantly true to his friends and family. Might have moments of highs and moments of incredibly lows. Is a ladies guy in the beginning picture, financially set, handsome, and may slip in certain funny jokes. Gullable at times but successfull. Generally encompasses himself in great organization and that's why its challenging make friends. Not affraid to test new stuff legal or perhaps not. In addition maybe not affraid to utilize a cheesy ice-breaker for things started. Often a huge size. A Brandt is a person who can be so nice, but frequently afraid to demonstrate his soft part. He could be so funny and has an incredible taste in music, especially screamo. He's got a big heart and cares for his buddies a great deal. They can be truly mean and blunt though. He isn't afraid to share with you the way he seems. This guy is obviously adorable at very first he may come off since bashful, but he isn't. He is a fantastic buddy & you certainly will adore them. The drummer to at least one of the finest address bands ever before, The knock down's. Plenty of design and a lot of skill. He's a catch.