What does Brandenburg mean?

Brandenburg meaning in General Dictionary

A kind of design for breast of a coat sometimes just a frog with a loop in some army uniforms enlarged into an extensive horizontal stripe

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  • the area of an Elector (associated with the Holy Roman Empire) that extended in order to become the kingdom of Prussia in 1701

Brandenburg meaning in Etymology Dictionary

region in northeastern Germany, usually said to be in the end from Slavic, but perhaps German and meaning actually "burned fortress," otherwise from a Celtic proper name.

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Sentence Examples with the word Brandenburg

Was succeeded in 1298 by his son Rudolph I., who in 1314 gave his vote to Frederick, duke of Austria, in the disputed election for the German throne between that prince and Louis of Bavaria, afterwards the emperor Louis IV.; and when the latter ignored his claims on the margraviate of Brandenburg Rudolph shared in the attempt to depose him, and to elect Charles of Luxemburg, afterwards the emperor Charles IV., as German king.

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