What does Brak mean?

Brak meaning in Dream Dictionary

if you should be out in general public and individuals can easily see your bra suggests that you might be uncomfortable together with your human body.  If you're confident in public in a bra donates that you're very protected along with your sex.  Eliminating someones bra indicates you want becoming closer with this person.Break desires have more than one definition to it but all pertains to being in control with your life.  If you're in a moving automobile and you slam regarding the pauses implies you may be moving in the wrong course and must end instantly.  You might be rushing into something that you tend to be not really acquainted with.  When you fancy that you don

Sentence Examples with the word Brak

Western Cape Colony, is represented by the Brak and Ongers rivers, and, farther west, by the Zak and Olifants rivers, which, united as the Hartebeest, reach the Orange about 25 m.

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