What does Brainmail mean?

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EtymologyBlend of Brainwash and BlackmailNounTo extort an impact upon a person's memory, belief, or ideas.Verbto brainmail (third-person single easy current brainmails, present participle brainmailing, simple last and past participle brainmailed)1. To influence and extort your head making use of extreme psychological force by interesting worries of injury aside from bodily harm, as problems for reputation, distress of mind, etc.; as, to blackmail a merchant by threatening to expose an alleged fraud2. To persuade & re-educate3. consisting and threatening to reveal significantly true information regarding people to the public, a member of family, or colleagues unless a demand made upon the target is fulfilled. of every effort targeted at instilling particular attitudes and thinking in an individual — beliefs sometimes unwanted or in dispute because of the person's prior values and knowledge.