What does Bragger Bragger bragger mean?

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When someone does something which is (or is considered) cool. Then will boast about it for ages until no one cares any longer. Typically a bragger will boast about these topics:-Getting Laid-Skateboarding-Graduating-Anything the bragger feels is cool. A bragger is somebody who bosts about on their own and covers they may be acheivements and recognition they have from others. Or around they truly are money and/or product belongings. They're objective is usually to big themselves up-and inflate they may be pride. While trying to gain endorsement and attention. People with genuine self-confidence and healthier esteem are far more self reserved and modest. They dont feel the need to proove by themselves or contend with any person. tone deaf wannabe with increased brands then genitals.listen to his comedic stylings at myspace/rapperryan or like him on facebook!