What does Bradsher mean?

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some one with a watermelon-like shaped head. Frequently fairly high and stout in general, and projecting dopey features like small circular spectacles and sleepy-eyes. Typically, loves to project the "lost in culture" frat boy image by wearing recreations clothing (usually maybe not in fact on a sports staff though), and typically has a unique fixation with Duke Basketball or related recreations groups. Typically likes to project the "difficult man" attitude but is stereotypically a huge mooshy teddy-bear like individual. Usually, a Bradsher doesn't get laid through to the typical chronilogical age of 27, as well as then the woman is very big in proportions with a strong distinctive smell emitted during mating functions. A Bradsher will find this very attractive while he mounts his spouse and trips the lady like a wild boar. But Bradshers have become uncommon and unique people, but can make really good buddies because they usually tend to be devoted, mostly honest, fun as hell people to be around.finding a Bradsher1) Playing Call of Duty on the nearest XBOX 3602)enjoying incredibly noisy rap songs (anywhere its played)3)With his mind stuck between arbitrary posts, home techniques, and windows.