What does Brad mean?

Brad meaning in General Dictionary

A thin nail generally little with hook projection at the very top on a single side in place of a head also a small wire nail with an appartment circular mind often a small tapering square-bodied finishing nail with a countersunk head

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  • fasten with brads
  • a tiny nail
  • A thin nail, often small, with hook projection during the top using one part in the place of a mind; also, a small line nail, with a flat circular mind; often, a small, tapering, square-bodied completing nail, with a countersunk head.

Brad meaning in Names Dictionary

Name Origin: English
Name Gender: Male

Brad meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"little line nail," late 13c., brod, from Old Norse broddr "spike, point, arrow," from Proto-Germanic *brozda- (cognates: Old English brord "point, prick, blade of lawn," Old large German brort "point, advantage, crown"), from PIE *bhrs-dh-, from root *bhars- "projectile, point, bristle" (see bristle (letter.)).

Brad meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A thin nail, generally small, with a small projection at the top on one part in place of a head; in addition, a little wire nail, with a set circular head; often, a small, tapering, square-bodied finishing nail, with a countersunk mind.

Sentence Examples with the word Brad

She didn't want to die, and she didn't want to spend the rest of her life without ever seeing the sun again like Brad Pitt in Interview with the Vampire.

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