What does Brabb Brabbs mean?

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An extremely intellegent human. Known for understanding just what others cannot. Someone who is normally correct, or at least feels so. A Brabbs is someone who values familial connections and stays near with moms and dads, young ones, and siblings, regardless the exact distance between them, via these types of method as telephony, e-mail and/or texting. Though a Brabbs reportedly may sometimes be short-tempered and/or not completely on board with another Brabbs' behavior at a given time, these types of times are hardly ever presented inside presence of non-family users, and therefore are quickly forgotten by all involved functions upon cessation of event. A Brabbs is an individual who is funny, wise, protects others, shows appreciation and support for other people, is adaptable to all situations, appreciates and spends time in the outdoors, and doesn't laugh at organic meals.