What does Bozrah mean?

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A bitch-ass town in South-Eastern Connecticut. Also sporadically described as "East Bumfuck." It is populace primarily consist of white trash, though it has various scarce levels of other ethnicities. It's one of many laziest city crews greatest residents have actually previously seen. Such examples include using many years to build a small connection nearby the school, the overgrown Bozrian jungles appearing on either side of the roadway generally in most parts, or perhaps the basic disrepair that many roadways find themselves in. In addition they usually, and infamously avoid canceling or delaying college during absurd snowstorms during the cold winter. In general, like we stated at the beginning, it's a bitch-ass city to call home in.

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In tribulation or distress. Non-gerderized Biblical title.
Name Origin: Biblical
Name Gender: Female