What does Boyfriend Offenders List mean?

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This listing was created just like the Intercourse Offenders number being supply the public a way to know which males (I mean kids) have actually satisfied the criteria of a Boyfriend Offender.Cheat (sex or else including emotional cheating)NeglectAbuse (actual or emotional)Use (financial or otherwise)Drugs (including marijuana, opium, or any other plant)Alcohol (exorbitant - everyday)Feminine (faculties of a woman - scared, pussy, etc.)Small (once you know the thing I mean)It just takes among the criteria to help make the Boyfriend Offenders List. Although; and depending on what amount of girls he's got offended, he is prone to make the record repeatedly when stated activities are repeated to different girls. Consequently, we could identify whenever a trend is happening and reduced the potential of future commitment "Surprise! I'm an asshole." situations. Finally, revealing and weeding aside bad boyfriends for the purpose of giving the nice guys a good chance.