What does Bowl Reverb mean?

Bowl Reverb meaning in Urban Dictionary

The excessively noisy reverberation in toilet pan once you launch a huge fart while using a shit. This generally happens when you are attempting to simply take a quiet, stealthy dump. Is available in 2 different forms:1: Dryfire - quickly the loudest and a lot of boisterous regarding the 2. Pure farts without fecal matter; these take place from pressing tough or being constipated. They are so loud they may be heard from 30ft away or more with superior clarity.2: Volatile - they aren't as loud, but way nastier sounding. These take place utilizing the occasional normal shit, and 100% bound to happen with bad diarrhoea. One of many nastiest noises on the planet, but hilarious if you manage to hear all of them coming form somebody else.