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Bovine-Bingo is a "nation" gambling sport, seen at county fairs, etc., and sometimes useful for fundraising. Tickets are offered for each of 100 or even more squares marked by chalk lines in a pipe-corral which works due to the fact bleachers. It are priced at $5 per square at Mule times in Bishop CA 15 years ago. You don't know where your square is until after you purchase it, and get the markers or chart when you can. Your square is chosen randomly. The cow is led in, together with "fun" starts. The group roars, cheers, and jeers like a Hee-Haw skit. As soon as Bessie un-asses the woman cow-pie, the referee and Line Judge rush in with a scale and shovels, whenever Bessie laid it at risk. I didn't win sh!t A vintage farm task, for which individuals cut loose a cow (or often other animal) in an industry with squares drawn-out, then bet money on where it will first simply take a shit. In certain variations, folks are allowed to make an effort to coax the pet from a distance to attempt to affect where it requires a dump; in other people, its strictly prohibited.