What does Bourbon mean?

Bourbon meaning in Names Dictionary

'King Henry V' Duke of Bourbon.
Name Origin: Shakespearean
Name Gender: Male

Bourbon meaning in Etymology Dictionary

variety of American corn whiskey, 1846, from Bourbon County, Kentucky, where it very first had been made, supposedly in 1789. Bourbon County ended up being arranged 1785, among the nine established by the Virginia legislature before Kentucky became a state. The name reflects the fondness thought in the United States for French royal household, and particularly Louis XVI, in gratitude the indispensable help he previously given to the rebel colonists. See Bourbon.

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  • distinct French leaders (just who also ruled in Naples and Spain), of who it had been proverbially said, "they understand nothing and forget absolutely nothing." The royal family ruled in France 1589-1792 and 1815-1848; its name is from Bourbon l'Archambault, main city of a lordship in central France, most likely from Borvo, name of a nearby Celtic deity related to thermal springs, whose name probably relates to Celtic borvo "foam, froth."

Bourbon meaning in General Dictionary

a reactionary politician in america (usually through the South)

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  • an associate for the European royal household that ruled France
  • a European royal range that ruled in France (from 1589-1793) and Spain and Naples and Sicily
  • whiskey distilled from a mash of corn and malt and rye and elderly in charred pine barrels
  • an associate of a family that has occupied several European thrones, and whoever descendants still claim the throne of France.
  • A politician who is behind this; a ruler or politician who neither forgets nor learns something; an obstinate traditional.

Bourbon meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A member of a family group that has occupied a number of European thrones, and whoever descendants nevertheless claim the throne of France.

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  • (n.) A politician who's behind the age; a ruler or politician which neither forgets nor learns any such thing; an obstinate conventional.

Sentence Examples with the word Bourbon

The best account of Philip's character and reign is still that given by Coxe in his Memoirs of the Kings of Spain of the House of Bourbon (London, 1815).

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