What does Boundary Line mean?

Boundary Line meaning in Urban Dictionary

The Boundary that you cross when you are from being only buddies, to "friends with advantages"

Boundary Line meaning in Sports Dictionary

The range, typically developing an oval form, that describes the limitations of playing location. If the batsman strikes the baseball across this line, the team is awarded four runs. In the event that batsman strikes the baseball over the boundary without it striking the ground at any point, then he scores six works. (sport: Cricket)

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  • This marks the external restriction for the floor. If a competitor actions on or over this range, she will be penalized by a deduction of points. (recreation: ladies Gymnastics)
  • This markings the perimeter associated with playing industry. The ball must be entirely throughout the line for it is ruled out of play. (sport: Australian procedures baseball)
  • The line establishing the termination of the playing area. For play to continue, the basketball must stay inside this range. (recreation: Korfball)
  • The line that forms the restrictions associated with the playing location or grass. Typically suggested as such by chalk or sequence. (sport: Croquet)

Boundary Line meaning in General Dictionary

a line that suggests a boundary

Sentence Examples with the word Boundary Line

The Oyapok, or Vicente Pinzon, is the best-known of the group and forms the boundary line between Brazil and French Guiana under the arbitration award of 1900.

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