What does Boule mean?

Boule meaning in General Dictionary

A legislative council of elders or chiefs a senate

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  • just like Buhl Buhlwork
  • an inlaid furniture design; tortoiseshell and yellowish and white steel kind scrolls in cabinetwork
  • Alt. of Boulework

Boule meaning in Cooking Dictionary

A ball-shaped loaf of loaves of bread which is baked without a pan in oven.

Boule meaning in Sports Dictionary

A round ball utilized by a person getting because towards the jack as you are able to. It must be made of metal or a synthetic product. It must be 3.5-4.3in in diameter and consider 1.5-2.8lb. The boule must not be nailed or weighted with lead. (recreation: Boules)

Boule - German to English

boules {pl}

Boule - French to English

dish [hard baseball]

Boule meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Alt. of Boulework

Sentence Examples with the word Boule

Under the kings of Athens it must have closely resembled the Boule of elders described by Homer; and there can be no doubt that it was the chief factor in the work of transforming the kingship into an aristocracy, in which it was to be supreme.

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