What does Boukaki mean?

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Boukaki is a festival, well used becoming a festival in japan in which a small grouping of men (old and younger alike) will masturbate and semen onto one container. afterward they will pass that container high in semen (state about 500ml or even more) to a woman of a legal age and she's going to drink it. yep , drink it-all up at once. The males will cheer as she drink all of them and she'll probably have to contend with another semen-drinking woman nearby and woman just who wins will be awarded with a prize!! therefore the award can be anything from an inexpensive dildo to a penis-shaped trophy manufactured from silver.today, Boukaki festivals tend to be intertwined using japanese communal baths, orgy and naked sports. Its a weird japanese occasion as we say. We say unusual because females appears to be willing in taking their particular dignity and submissiveness to an extremely severe level.