What does Bougie mean?

Bougie meaning in Medical Dictionary

A thin cylinder of rubber, plastic, material or any other product that doctor inserts into or though a body passageway, for instance the esophagus, to identify or treat a disorder. A bougie enables you to broaden a passageway, guide another tool into a passageway, or dislodge an object.

Bougie meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"wax candle," 1755, from French bougie "wax candle," from Bugia, Algeria, (Arabic Bijiyah), a town with a long-established wax trade.

Bougie meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

A type of tool always insert into a bodily crevice for medical reasons, eg dilation or even administer a type of medication.

Bougie meaning in General Dictionary

a lengthy, flexible tool, this is certainly

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  • an extended thin rod comprising gelatin or other material that melts away at temperature of body. It really is impregnated with medication, and designed for introduction into urethra, etc.

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  • radiance plug
  • candle

Bougie meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) An extended, flexible tool, that's

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  • (n.) A long thin pole consisting of gelatin or other compound that melts at heat of the human body. It's impregnated with medicine, and designed for introduction into urethra, etc.

Sentence Examples with the word Bougie

Of Bougie is Aumale (2350), a town and military post established by the French in 1846 on the site of the ancient Auzia.

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