What does Boudin mean?

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A pork- and rice-based, highly seasoned sausage this is certainly common in southern Louisiana cooking. The definition of is French for "white pudding."

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  • Acadian pork blood sausage, very seasoned and containing rice. The proportion of bloodstream to rice creates "white" or "red" boudin. It originated among the Bayou communities. Smooth sausages of two types. Boudin blanc contain veal, chicken, and chicken. Boudin noir are designed with bloodstream and rice or potatoes. The second kind are preferred in European and Creole cooking.

Boudin - French to English

black colored pudding [Br.] [blood sausage]

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The war of 1870-7r found Boudin impecunious but great, for then there had well begun the series of freshly and vigorously conceived canvases and panels, which record the impressions of a precursor of the Impressionists in presence of the Channel waters, and of those autumn skies, or skies of summer, now radiant, now uncertain, which hung over the small ports and the rocky or chalk-cliff coasts, over the watering-places, Trouville, Dieppe, and over those larger harbours, with port and avant-port and bassin, of Dunkirk, of Havre.

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