What does Botulism mean?

Botulism meaning in Medical Dictionary

An uncommon, but possibly extremely serious illness, a type of meals poisoning, that produces paralysis of muscles via a nerve toxin called botulinum toxin ("botox") which produced by bacteria named Clostridium botulinum.

Botulism meaning in Law Dictionary

Botulism is an unusual but serious disease due to Clostridium botulinum germs. The micro-organisms may enter the human anatomy through injuries, or they could reside in improperly canned or maintained food. Clostridium botulinum is situated in soil and untreated water around the world. It creates spores that survive in improperly maintained or canned food, where they produce toxin. Whenever consumed, even small quantities of this toxin can lead to serious poisoning. The meals most often polluted are home-canned veggies, healed pork and ham, smoked or natural seafood, and honey or corn syrup. Botulism may also take place if system comes into available wounds and produces toxin there.

Botulism meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1878, from German Botulismus (1878), coined in German from Latin botulus "sausage" (see bowel) + -ismus suffix of activity or condition (see -ism). Nausea very first traced to consuming tainted sausage (sausage poisoning ended up being a vintage name for this).

Botulism meaning in Business Dictionary

Often-fatal meals poisoning due to presence of a toxin (called botlinus toxin or botulin) made by the germs clostridium botulinum. This microorganism develops in improperly sterilized canned meals, specially the low-acid meals (see Botulinum Cook). Unlike in other types of food poisoning (in which symptoms such as for example tummy discomfort, diarrhoea, and/or vomiting may appear within seconds or couple of hours), botulism signs develop without gastric distress and can even appear six hours to a couple of weeks (generally between 12 to 36 hours) after consuming the polluted food. This toxin stays within the polluted food although the bacteria is killed, and selectively attacks the central nervous system. Outward indications of botulism feature difficulty in concentrating the eyes, double eyesight, difficulty in eating, drooping eyelids, dry mouth, muscle mass weakness, and/or slurred address. It also causes persistent exhaustion or lassitude because of muscle weakness that constantly very first impacts arms and upper hands and progressively impact lower parts of the body. Within the last few stage, the respiration muscle tissue are paralyzed causing stoppage of breathing (and death) if mechanical ventilation isn't used. Its cure requires early recognition and management of an antitoxin, and months or months of supportive attention.

Botulism meaning in General Dictionary

food poisoning from consuming botulin; maybe not infectious; affects the CNS; is fatal or even treated quickly