What does Bottle Rat Bottle Rat mean?

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Typically a bird, wide, ho, whore, skank, bitch or skeezer who instantly appear out-of no place (most often in VIP location) whenever men are popping bottles and additionally they believe they're eligible to free products since they are loading phony titties, fake mouth, phony tan and much more often than not need had sex with one or more B-list celebrity when you look at the butt. A group of women who are able to be found in most groups hanging out the inventors with bought container service. They expect to be studied proper care of like they truly are Victoria's key models. They're not going to pay for everything and feel just like they are entitled to drinking free of charge. Sadly, some poor suckers believe they have the opportunity with one of these tricks and fall for their trap. Of course, the fix is within and all these hoes want is some no-cost liquor. If man is happy, he can get a hug and kiss regarding the cheek at the end of the night.Guys, avoid being stupid. Say "NO" to bottle rats.