What does Botha mean?

Botha meaning in Urban Dictionary

a song improvisationally printed in 2009 because of the Acouestic Crib Performed By The Acouestic Crib plus the InfringMiNt Outcast Union. Recorded in Portland OR, through ways of help presented by The Goodfoot Lounge.Originally, capo ready on 4th fret, and standardly played in Bm.Upon, hindsight, the language had been written documenting actual events that unfolded while on stage writing this tune.

Botha meaning in Law Dictionary

In old English law. A booth, stall, or tent to stand in, in fairs or markets. Cowell.

Sentence Examples with the word Botha

During his visit to England on this occasion General Botha declared the whole-hearted adhesion of the Transvaal to the British empire, and his intention to work for the welfare of the country regardless of racial differences.

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