What does Both mean?

Both meaning in General Dictionary

and not merely similarly

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  • The one plus the various other the 2 the set without exemption of either
  • (used with count nouns) two considered together; the 2
  • usually the one in addition to other; the two; the pair, without exclusion of either.
  • As well; not just; similarly.

Both meaning in Names Dictionary

from rock home.
Name Origin: Scottish
Name Gender: Male

Both meaning in Etymology Dictionary

there are lots of concepts, all similar, and deriving the phrase from habit of say "both the." You're that it's Old English begen (masc.) "both" (from Proto-Germanic *ba, from PIE *bho "both") + -

Both meaning in General Dictionary

(a. or pron.) Usually the one while the other; the 2; the set, without exception of either.

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  • (conj.) Too; not just; similarly.

Sentence Examples with the word Both

It has been doubted whether Cicero,' in his short criticism in the letter already referred to, concedes to Lucretius both the gifts of genius and the accomplishment of art or only one of them.

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