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Boston meaning in General Dictionary

a game title at cards played by four people with two packs of fifty two cards each said to be so called from Boston Massachusetts and to have-been created by officers associated with the French army in the usa throughout the Revolutionary war

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  • condition money and largest city of Massachusetts; an important center for financial and economic solutions
  • a game title at cards, played by four persons, with two packages of fifty-two cards each; -- considered so called from Boston, Massachusetts, and are invented by officials of this French military in America during the Revolutionary war.

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somewhere name.
Name Origin: English
Name Gender: Male

Boston meaning in Etymology Dictionary

U.S. city, 1630, called for city in Lincolnshire, an area from where numerous settlers stumbled on brand new The united kingdomt. The name is said to be actually "Botolph's Stone," probably through the title of some Anglo-Saxon landowner (Old English Botwulf). Boston Massacre was March 5, 1770; three civilians killed, two mortally wounded. Card online game Boston (1800) is dependent on the siege of Boston through the United states Revolution. The Boston Tea Party (1824) were held on Dec. 16, 1773 (see tea-party).

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(City of) Boston

Boston meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A casino game at cards, played by four persons, with two packs of fifty-two cards each; -- reported to be so named from Boston, Massachusetts, and happen invented by officers of the French military in the usa throughout the Revolutionary war.

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Her sister in Boston wasn't very talkative.

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