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Melissa Ann Housley, known affectionately as Meliss-issa-yum-yum, is an US frontrunner and motivation to all....Though all honorable Miss Housley's wondrous achievements can not be summarized in a mere encyclopedic entry, the list following tries to highlight some of her most memorable achievements and traits...Founding person in the Brigade Against ladies sporting Hats in Public.Princess of all things sassyCold weather condition queenAmateur Michaela Quinn impersonatorFive Star General of the Painted Toenail Gestapo (she is described as "Boss Housley" by those put through the woman reign)Professional stress WasherInnovator in the field of chocolate and it is medicinal purposesBlue beverages beware...Aspiring pen rider and guide growlerAmphibian Aficionado (frogs tend to be her favourite)Holds the planet record to be the oldest individual drink daily from a pink sippy cupVoted probably to be barefoot and pregnant by 2018Ambassador to Gingers every where