What does Boreas mean?

Boreas meaning in General Dictionary

The north wind frequently a personification

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  • a wind that blows from north
  • (Greek mythology) the god which personified the north wind
  • The north wind; -- often a personification.

Boreas meaning in Names Dictionary

The north wind.
Name Origin: Greek
Name Gender: Male

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Boreas meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The north wind; -- usually a personification.

Sentence Examples with the word Boreas

The groups which ornamented, as acroteria, the two gables of the temple have been in part recovered, and may now be seen in the national museum at Athens; at the one end was Boreas carrying off Oreithyia, at the other Eos and Cephalus, the centre in each case being occupied by the winged figure that stood out against the sky - a variation on the winged Victories that often occupy the same position on temples.

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