What does Border Nazi's mean?

Border Nazi's meaning in Urban Dictionary

an average right-wing radical with an IQ of 80 which watches too-much anti-illegal immigrant propaganda from Faux News or checks out up on various other nativist, immigrant restrictionist, or neo-nazi websites.They suffer with physical circumstances like "minimal Man Syndrome" and often need make up their particular small cock size and screwed-up resides with buying an enormous rifle and joining nazi companies cloaked as American Patriotism. Such businesses are known as Minutemen and/or even more popular Tea Bagger movement.These Border Nazi's all separated their partner's & abandoned their particular children and choose a life of residing tents, double large trailers, trucks or simply resting on the ground at so called Mexican-American border hot places looking out for fast Gonzalez or illegal immigrants attempting to cross the edge in hopes to getting a piece of the "US Dream". During slow days Border Nazi's discuss NASCAR, Ronald Reagan, exactly what dirt taste like, simply how much Jesus dislikes gays, simply how much they hate Islam and how much they hate Barrack & Michelle Obama.