What does Bordeaux mean?

Bordeaux meaning in General Dictionary

related to Bordeaux in south of France

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  • a port city in southwestern France; an important center for the wine trade
  • any of a number of red or white wines produced around Bordeaux, France or wines resembling them
  • with respect to Bordeaux within the south of France.
  • A claret wine from Bordeaux.

Bordeaux meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1560s, style of wine brought in from city in southwestern France. Its name is Roman Burdigala (1c.), perhaps from a Celtic or pre-Celtic supply the feeling of which has been lost.

Bordeaux - German to English

Bordeaux [wine]

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  • Bordeaux

Bordeaux - French to English


Bordeaux meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) regarding inside south of France.

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  • (n.) A claret wine from Bordeaux.

Sentence Examples with the word Bordeaux

She wanted to talk to Bordeaux about it, but they were moving so fast that conversation was impossible.

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