What does Booze Pig mean?

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Booze Pig may be the leader and envy of a pack of Booze Hounds. Booze Pig has the most of the attributes of a Booze Hound which are: social competency despite vast booze usage as well as the capability to discover any explanation to booze. These additional characteristics tend to be exactly what make a Booze Pig: immunity to hangovers, the capacity to turn those around them into Booze Hounds, therefore the power to time vacation. Booze Pig will lead the Booze Hounds through a night/day of boozing, and start to become the only one to show up for a fully productive workday on time. They've no memory associated with the previous night/day of boozing therefore the ability to time vacation. Nor will they be hurting from all of the booze. They just time a Booze Pig suffers is when they don't booze made noticeable through shaky arms and grievances regarding how thirsty they are.