What does Booty Licious Bungalow mean?

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The Booty Licious Bungalow is a-room of extremely 1337 proportions. It consists of1. A professional ass computer system with WoW about it for many evening pwnage and Itunes with kickin' tunes to listen to although the pwnage being done.2. A TV with more than twenty scary movies at its disposal.3. An Xbox 360 with Xbox Live for even much more through the night pwnage.4. A kitchen is conviniently added to a floor above the BLB with delicious meals.5. Final and definitely not least, a ginormous bed that can hold up to six men and women.Only a select few have accept into the BLB. Upon going into the BLB you need to spend an admittance charge, thinking about anyone who stays indeed there for night gets angry vaj.The BLB was designed by ****** ******* around 300 elleventy five. It recieved it really is unique title regarding the night that hawt vaj arrived over and now we all had pro secks. As amazing because room appears, it has its drawbacks. For many evident reason, one of the BLB co-owners has the scent of he has got already been washing in pig feces for months. Another BLB co-owner happens to be enduring baldness after falling into the harmful sludge moat surround the BLB. Contrary to everyday opinion, attaining STDs within the BLB only has a 72per cent possibility. But you know very well what they do say "STDs are just like Pokemon, you gotta capture 'em every!". Discover, but one tiny guideline. Anyone that attempts to steal through the BLB gets his/her eyes gouged on. It seems like a significant discipline but everything when you look at the BLB costs about $444;4258j2342012131123123134qde23424. Once you know what's healthy for you, you will come to the BLB and then leave it as you found it. For concerns on how to attain the BLB email me personally at CradleFan113@hotmail.com. The guidelines are a lot to trick to put on a webpage.