What does Bootleg mean?

Bootleg meaning in General Dictionary

to market illicit products including medicines or liquor

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  • distributed or offered illicitly particularly brought in illegally
  • distributed or offered illicitly
  • offer illicit services and products such as for instance drugs or liquor
  • produce or distribute illegally
  • the section of a boot above the instep
  • whiskey illegally distilled from a corn mash

Bootleg meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"leg of a boot," 1630s, from boot (n.1) + leg (n.). As an adjective in mention of the unlawful iquor, 1889, United states English slang, from the trick of hiding a flask of alcohol down the knee of a top boot. Before the bootleg had been the spot to secret knives and pistols.

Bootleg meaning in Sports Dictionary

A trick play. The quarterback fakes a hand-off (pass to running back) and works around either end. (recreation: American soccer)

Bootleg meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

A bootleg is an Illegal copy of pc software that has been maybe not bought through the developer or store.