What does Booth Bitch mean?

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Booth Bitch (n)- a woman (ladies do not gown like that) whom frequents evening clubs/ rave events because of the single intention of 'hookin up' with a DJ. They can be spotted by their decreased garments and tact. Typically seen hanging out the DJ booth, whenever trying to attract a mate the evening the lady plumage frequently will 'fluff' aside across the lower leg to ankle and she's going to stomp all over 'booth' in a ritual matting dance-- the mating telephone call that follows and earsplitting "Woooooo!!!!" Booth Bitches are territorial creatures and certainly will often produce cat-calls and keep maintaining aggressive posturing when experiencing another Booth Bitch. To see the Booth Bitch in her native habitat you need just look to the left and right regarding the DJ booth, there you will find them in a holding structure, waiting to strike their prey. Warnings: Approach with care, given that mating season progresses her control will usually deteriorate, and she would probably pour 'jungle liquid' on the MOST PRICEY EQUIPMENT.