What does Boot sector mean?

Boot sector meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

A sector on the pc floppy disk drive, hard drive, or any other bootable disk drive which has instructs the computer about how to start from the drive. IBM PC disk drives have actually various kinds of boot sectors; the master boot record (MBR), the very first sector of a portioned hard drive that and amount boot record (VBR), containing partition information at the start of each partition.

Boot sector meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

The boot sector is a dedicated element of a difficult disk or other storage space product which contains data accustomed boot a computer system. It offers the master boot record (MBR), which can be accessed during the boot sequence. The boot sector is normally situated at the beginning of a disk, before the very first partition. It includes the partition chart, which identifies all partitions on the disk. Moreover it defines which partition offers the startup data (such as the operating system). Allowing the pc recognize which partition to gain access to whenever setting up. Therefore, if a disk's boot sector becomes corrupted or includes invalid data, the computer may not be in a position to start-up through the disk. Should this happen, you need to operate a disk utility or antivirus program in an attempt to mend the problem.