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"Booshwah" could be the phonetic kind (the pronunciation) of this term "Bourgeois." Bourgeois fundamentally indicates "middle class," and it's also often pejorative. Middle-class individuals pass "human capital" (middle income values) right down to their kids, plus it assists their children navigate the capitalist system in a manner that emulates, at the least, their particular parents socioeconomic success. The word is pejorative, particularly when it suggests "Philistinism" (the center course can pay for but no culture). They frequently tend to be "white loaves of bread" types who work to manage a semi-expensive way of life without using enough fascination with imaginative and intellectual activities. Marxists' utilize this term about the theory that capitalism degrades people by making all of them part of the so-called rat race. Completely serious, yet at the same time frustrating.