What does Booshkru mean?

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Derived initially through the term boosh (combined additionally because of the definition behind booboo and friend), a Booshkru is an unusual team of real BooshMasters. A bonafide Booshkru is composed of 3 or maybe more individuals of stated BooshMaster status.A Booshkru is radically unique and without equal. They truly are mates that are like household. They've been a circle of dependable friends that truly have your back, and can stand-by you regardless of what.A Booshkru is your team for a lifetime. If you should be in one single, you realize it.Important part note: Booshkru and also the adjectives booshie or booshkian tend to be antonyms, and not is perplexed. The notion of a Booshkru doesn't embody any booshie inclinations, in fact, it usually rejects all of them of course. Also, apparently many Booshkrus do not have booshlr association, despite the fact that the Mighty Boosh rocks !.