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Local ghetto woman who works within nail/beauty/fried chicken hair salon on 125th and Adam Clayton Martin Luther X Boulevard and does "exotic dancing" at the local home of T&A. She varies from 150 to 200 pounds with a height of around 5'4". She's got 7 children by 8 different males and can't operate without her Newport Lights and a cold container of Colt 45. A locust of a lady. Ghetto rubbish just who adamantly denies that she actually is ghetto garbage, whilst at the same time putting huge burdens regarding the people inside her life; begs borrows and steals out of every boyfriend, general, or buddy to support the woman irresponsible life style; spends all the woman meals stamp money on Burger King; embezzles a huge selection of dollars from the woman housemates and landlords; isn't permitted to start a bank checking account; hits two months of lease cash that was earmarked going toward rent on her behalf teenager's extracurricular activities; has outstanding financial obligation to every mobile phone carrier, and utility company around.A Boomqueesha circles beginning interactions with unsuspecting men, while she is nonetheless lawfully hitched to her estranged husband. She has a knack for pushing individuals to take legal action against the lady, such as for instance getting restraining sales, and small-claims fits. A Boomqueesha is the owner of your pet dog which she is too lazy to go.