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popular in the underground rave scene in Asia and Israel.....'Shankar' is one of the numerous names for Shiva, one the 3 primary deities inside Indian pantheon. His dance may be the rhythm around the globe, the beat regarding the heart, the cycle of day and night. He lives within the Himalayas, and is based on the hills smoking cannabis along with his tresses moves down from the mountains as holy lake Ganges.His worshippers include "sadhus"; wandering mendicants, whoever worship includes smoking chillums of hash/ganja (Marijuana), so that they became quite popular using the wandering freak set India.bom, or boom, or bem, or bam is a sound --- a-sharp sound.Boom Shiva: it is stated by sadhus before they light the chillum to: sanctify it Shiva, let Shiva understand the chillum is being smoked, let other sadhus et al recognize in the future share a chillumLoosely converted as: OH Shiva... I`m smoking a chillum, hey you sadhus, come and share it with me"; additionally utilized in the rave scene while burning a chillum (as well as a spliff/joint on occasion) and moving it around.Other variations: increase, bem, bom, bam, boom, growth shiva, increase mahadev (greatgod), bembaleh. the one and only. endless souce of power and delight. extraordinaire, epitome of coolness.