What does Boom Boom Baba mean?

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The epitome of Aghori pride. You will be aware he's close by his trademark "BOOM!" which he cries in their tantric meditation, or by the bad stench of a cannibalistic geriatric thatn't bathed in god knows just how long. Frequently seen consuming his own urine, Boom Boom Baba has already reached a stage of enlightenment that couple of will ever even dream of, he has learned to live from the land like a real Aghori, consuming whatever they can get a hold of ( seriously, such a thing.). He earned his fame when broadcast on an episode of Wildboyz, over the years he's got climbed to star standing, even having a few cameo apperances like in District 9. In the event that you look closely you can view him standing atop the humongous alien spacecraft with his hands in the air proclaiming his title... "I AM BOOM BOOM BABA"