What does Boolean algebra mean?

Boolean algebra meaning in Law Dictionary

researches binary factors which will only have two values that are true (1) and untrue (0), as well as studies the mathematical functions performed on it. A set of rules called Boolean logic are provided and they are indispensable in digital flipping circuit and computer circuit design. Operations tend to be done via algebraic operators referred to as providers. Accordingly known as after George Boole. (181565).

Boolean algebra meaning in Business Dictionary

learn of mathematical functions carried out on particular factors (known as binary factors) that will have only two values: real (represented by 1) or false (represented by 0). It gives a set of principles (known as Boolean reasoning) which can be essential in digital computer-circuit and switching-circuit design. Boolean operation are carried out with algebraic providers (known as Boolean providers), the standard which aren't, AND, and OR. Called after its inventor, great britain mathematician and computer pioneer George Boole (1815-65). See additionally Boolean search.

Boolean algebra meaning in General Dictionary

a method of symbolic logic devised by George Boole; found in computer systems

Boolean algebra meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

See Logic, Formal, §7.