What does Boolean mean?

Boolean meaning in Computer Dictionary

Developed by the English mathematician and computer pioneer George Boole, a Boolean is made of providers eg AND, OR, NOT, and XOR. Booleans tend to be found in development now in Internet search engines. Boolean expressions tend to be expressions that result in the value of either TRUE or FAKE.

Boolean meaning in Etymology Dictionary

in mention of abstract algebraic systems, 1851, known as for George Boole (1815-1864), English mathematician. The surname is a variant of Bull.

Boolean meaning in General Dictionary

of or associated with a combinatorial system created by George Boole that integrates propositions with the logical operators AND as well as if NEXT and EXCEPT and NOT

Boolean meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

Developed by the English mathematician and computer pioneer George Boole, a Boolean or bool includes operators such as for example AND, OR, never, and XOR. Booleans tend to be utilized in programming and after this in google search motors. Boolean expressions are expressions that lead to the worth of either ACCURATE or FAKE.

Boolean meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

Boolean, or boolean reasoning, is a subset of algebra used for creating true/false statements. Boolean expressions utilize the providers AND, otherwise, XOR, rather than to compare values and get back a genuine or untrue result. These boolean operators tend to be described inside following four examples: Boolean expressions are supported by many the search engines. Whenever you enter keywords in the search engines, you'll refine your quest making use of boolean providers. For instance, if you need to lookup details about the Apple iMac, but desire avoid results about oranges (the fruit) you may search for "Apple AND iMac never good fresh fruit." This could create results about iMac computers, while preventing results aided by the word "fruit." Many search engines support boolean providers, their particular syntax needs may vary. For instance, instead of the words AND and never, the operators "+" and "-" might required. It is possible to look-up the correct syntax in the assistance part of each internet search engine's site.