What does Book mean?

Book meaning in General Dictionary

To enter write or register in a book or number

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  • an accumulation sheets of report or similar product blank written or printed bound together generally many folded and bound sheets containing continuous printing or writing
  • register in a hotel booker
  • request and reserve (anything for somebody else) beforehand
  • record a charge in a police register
  • engage for a performance
  • a record in which commercial records tend to be recorded
  • a collection of credit cards pleasing the principles of a card game
  • an accumulation of guidelines or recommended requirements on the basis of which choices are available
  • a written version of a play or other dramatic composition; utilized in finding your way through a performance
  • a compilation for the known details with regards to one thing or somebody
  • the sacred writings associated with the Christian religions
  • the sacred writings of Islam unveiled by God towards prophet Muhammad during his life at Mecca and Medina
  • a written work or structure that is posted (printed on pages bound collectively)
  • an important division of a lengthy written composition
  • many sheets (ticket or stamps etc.) bound collectively on one edge
  • actual things comprising numerous pages bound collectively
  • an accumulation of sheets of report, or comparable material, empty, written, or imprinted, bound collectively; frequently, many folded and bound sheets containing constant printing or writing.
  • A composition, written or printed; a treatise.
  • A part or subdivision of a treatise or literary work; since, the tenth guide of "haven Lost."
  • A volume or assortment of sheets by which reports are held; a register of debts and credits, receipts and expenses, etc.
  • Six tips taken by one side, inside online game of whist; in specific other games, several corresponding cards, creating a collection.
  • To enter, write, or sign-up in a novel or number.
  • To go into the title of (any one) in a novel with the aim of acquiring a passage, conveyance, or seat; since, is scheduled for Southampton; to book a chair in a theater.
  • To mark completely for; to destine or assign for; as, he is scheduled when it comes to valedictory.

Book meaning in Finance Dictionary

A record preserved by a trading professional of purchase and sell orders for certain safety.

Book meaning in Law Dictionary

1. An over-all designation put on any literary structure that will be printed, but properly to a printed structure bound in a volume. Scoville v. Toland, 21 Fed. Cas. 864. 2. A bound volume composed of sheets of paper, maybe not printed, but containing manu script entries; particularly a merchant's account-books, dockets of process of law, etc. 3. A name usually giveu on largest subdivisions of a treatise or other literary structure. 4. used, the name of "book" Is directed at several of the greater amount of crucial documents ready within the progress of a reason, though entirely written, rather than anyway within the guide form; eg deinurrer-books, error-books, paper-books, etc. In copyright law, this is of this term is much more substantial compared to popular usage, for it can sometimes include a pamphlet, a magazine, an accumulation empty types, or one sheet of music or of ordinary printing. U. S. v. Bennett, 24 Fed. Cas. 1,093; Stowe v. Thomas, 23 Fed. Cas. 207; White v. Geroch, 2 Barn. & Help. 301 ; Brightley v. Littleton (C. C.) 37 Fed. 104; Holmes v. Hurst, 174 II. S. 82, 19 Sup. Ct. 600. 43 L. Ed. 904; Clement! v. Goulding, 11 East 244; Clayton v. rock, 5 Fed. Cas. 999.

Book meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Old English boc "book, composing, written document," usually from Proto-Germanic *bokiz "beech" (cognates: German Buch "book" Buche "beech;" see beech), the notion becoming of beechwood pills on which runes were inscribed, nonetheless it can be through the tree it self (folks nevertheless carve initials included). The Old English term originally meant any written document. Latin and Sanskrit likewise have words for "writing" being based on tree names ("birch" and "ash," respectively). Meaning "libretto of an opera" is from 1768. A betting book is from 1856.

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  • Old English bocian "to give or designate by charter," from guide (n.). Indicating "to access a novel, record" is very early 13c. Meaning "to enter for a seat or place, problem (railway) tickets" is from 1841; "to interact a performer as a guest" is from 1872. Associated: Booked; reservation.

Book meaning in Business Dictionary

1. UNESCO definition: Bound non-periodical publication having 49 or maybe more pages. 2. US Postal service definition: Bound book having 24 or higher pages, at the very least 22 that are imprinted and contain primary reading material, with marketing and advertising restricted simply to reserve announcements.

Book meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) An accumulation sheets of paper, or similar material, blank, written, or imprinted, bound together; commonly, many-folded and bound sheets containing continuous printing or writing.

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  • (n.) A composition, written or imprinted; a treatise.
  • (letter.) A component or subdivision of a treatise or literary work; as, the tenth book of "Paradise missing."
  • (n.) A volume or number of sheets by which accounts tend to be held; a register of debts and credits, receipts and expenses, etc.
  • (letter.) Six tricks taken by one part, inside online game of whist; using various other games, two or more corresponding cards, creating a set.
  • (v. t.) To enter, write, or sign-up in a novel or list.
  • (v. t.) To enter the name of (anyone) in a book for the intended purpose of securing a passage, conveyance, or seat; because, to-be scheduled for Southampton; to reserve a seat in a theater.
  • (v. t.) To mark down for; to destine or designate concerning; because, he's scheduled the valedictory.

Sentence Examples with the word Book

Suidas says that the fleece was a book written on parchment, which taught how to make gold by chemical processes.

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