What does Boobtuber mean?

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A female vlogger who's vacuous videos focus on the woman tits at every feasible chance being build up views. The movie thumbnail will also consist of a prominent image of the woman breasts.The actual video content and discussion is typically dire. Numerous audiences will note within the responses that they muted the sound to be able to boost their satisfaction associated with video.the definition of comes from a variation of the term "Youtuber," person who utilizes Youtube. We get to "Boobtuber," a person who utilizes an individual's boobs to generate traffic to their Youtube station, by substituting "Bob" for "You" in Youtube. This might be also a clever play on terms in that a "Boobtube" can also be a ladies apparel frequently sported by Boobtubers inside their videos.Boobtuber's movies tend to be popular with youthful males that have strict (militant) parents that will seriously reprimand them should they had been found to be seeing dubious websites, whereas good wholesome Youtube is known as fine..."It's ok mom, it's only Youtube...etc etc"