What does Bonus mean?

Bonus meaning in General Dictionary

reasonably limited given for a financial loan and for a charter or any other privilege awarded to a company whilst the lender paid a plus for the charter

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  • yet another repayment (or any other remuneration) to workers as a means of increasing production
  • whatever tends to arouse
  • reasonably limited provided for a financial loan, or for a charter or other privilege given to an organization; whilst the lender paid an additional benefit because of its charter.
  • a supplementary dividend towards shareholders of a joint stock business, away from accumulated earnings.
  • Money paid in inclusion to a stated compensation.

Bonus meaning in Finance Dictionary

Money paid by life insurance policies businesses to policyholders predicated on endowment guidelines and with-profit bonds. The actual quantity of the extra is determined by actuaries on the basis of the insurance carrier's investments in past times and future, plus the insurer's general monetary energy. Reversionary incentives are normally paid annually and may usually be in the location of 2% to 5%. Critical incentives (payable at readiness or prior demise) tend to vary way more from, say, 10% to 100% at maturity according to the term of this policy, for example 10 and 25-year terms. The bonus is stated annually at the end of the insurance policy's life. As a policyholder you have got absolutely no way of once you understand just what the extra is likely to be until it's stated, no genuine means of focusing on how it was computed.

Bonus meaning in Law Dictionary

gratuity. Reasonably limited compensated to a grantor or supplier. A supplementary consideration given for what is gotten. Any premium or benefit; an intermittent additional dividend. A premium paid by a business for a charter or other franchises. "an absolute amount is compensated at once, for a loan of income for a specified duration, distinct from and by themselves for the interest." Association v. Wilcox, 24 Conn. 147. A plus is not a present or gratuity, but a sum taken care of solutions, or upon other consideration, but additionally to or in overabundance what would normally be given. Kenicott v. Wayne County, 10 Wall. 452, 21 L. Ed. 319.

Bonus meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1773, "stock market Latin" [Weekley], from Latin bonus "good" (adj.); see bene-. The correct noun form would be bonum. In U.S. record the extra army was thousands of World War I veterans and followers just who marched on Washington, D.C., in 1932 demanding early redemption of these solution bonus certificates (which carried a maximum value of $625).

Bonus meaning in Business Dictionary

Gratuity provided as gift, or compensation made as reward upon attaining an objective or milestone.

Bonus - German to English


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  • incentive
  • premium
  • bonuses

Bonus meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Reduced offered for a loan, and for a charter or any other privilege given to a business; given that lender paid an additional benefit because of its charter.

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  • (letter.) A supplementary dividend to the shareholders of a joint stock business, away from accumulated profits.
  • (letter.) Money paid in addition to a stated payment.

Sentence Examples with the word Bonus

The bonus of his day helping her out of her funk turned out to be an unexpected surprise.

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