What does Bonjobia mean?

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A mole that's commonly in the neck. Lots of people have actually moles on their neck's but this one is slightly larger than all other individuals. Numerous women call their exboyfriend's neck moles Bonjobias just to make enjoyable of and tease here exboyfriends for being a dipshit asswhole for separating with them to begin with. Many exboyfriends tend to be atleast a little offended by this title but that means the exgirlfriend's work is work well-done. Signs and symptoms of some guy having a Bonjobia is ussually that he smiles to a single part REALLY awkwardly and hes missing one of his insizers. Which makes him look like a fucking homeless twat. Plus their particular is ussually 50 other moles somewhat smaller than Bonjobia throughout the human anatomy. And ofcoarse he's a twitchy attention as he smiles and he wants to say 'fucking' 'sketchy' or 'lets beverage!' atlanta divorce attorneys sentance. Also utilized as a nickname for the shittiest ex/boyfriend worldwide. To not ever be confused with Bon Jovi the singer/songwriter.