What does Boniface mean?

Boniface meaning in General Dictionary

An innkeeper

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  • (Roman Catholic Church) Anglo-Saxon missionary who had been delivered to Frisia and Germany to spread the Christian belief; was martyred in Frisia (680-754)
  • the master or supervisor of an inn
  • An innkeeper.

Boniface meaning in Names Dictionary

Name of a saint.

Boniface meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"innkeeper," from Will Boniface, character in George Farquhar's comedy "The Beaux' Stratagem" (1707).Contrary into common opinion, this title derives perhaps not from Latin bonifacius 'well-doer,' but from bonifatius, from bonum 'good' and fatum 'fate.' The alteration to Bonifacius was as a result of pronunciation and with this ended up being deduced a false etymology. Bonifatius is frequent on Latin inscriptions. Bonifacius is found only two times and these late (Thesaurus) ["Dictionary of English Surnames"]

Boniface meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) An innkeeper.

Sentence Examples with the word Boniface

Forced to recede from this position, Boniface canonized Louis IX.

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