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Bondly is and a try-hard net celebrity inside General Discussion of GaiaOnline. Within world of the web, somebody like him is a feeling below being a prommie. Their claim to popularity is their collection of retarded uggodrop threads that are more often than not various other users that have pissed him off, as opposed to those who find themselves in fact unsightly. Ironically, Bondly is not any Adonis himself, for he's got a double-chin, and a horse face, filled with a receding gum-line. He additionally likes to phone any person he dislikes a faggot, despite being an in-the-closet gay. He just shows his homosexuality online, and do not in reality, because was discovered when their bisexual status on their OKCupid account was found by one of his true gay buddies, and a big bolded red-lettered thread of angst was in fact posted by Bondly on the forum.The simplest way to piss down Bondly is call him a hick and highlight their double-chin.